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US: After the IMF, Trump also gave a shock to PAK, $ 1.6 billion in aid

Since assuming the US command, Donald Trump has adopted a tough stance against Pakistan. Trump's attitude has not changed in the new government's time under Imran Khan's leadership, and America is constantly working towards preventing financial help from Pakistan.

                                                                                          Donald Trump

Donald Trump had given these statements
President Donald Trump had defended his administration's decision to stop the military aid of millions of dollars given to him by not taking enough steps to stop terrorism from Pakistan in his tweets on Sunday. Trump also criticized Islamabad for giving al-Qaeda leader bin Laden a hiding place in Abbottabad.

Trump said that we give billions of dollars every year to Pakistan. Bin Laden was living in Pakistan. He did not help. I stopped giving so financial support because they do nothing for us.

Pakistan responded on Trump's stand. On Tuesday, Pakistan summoned a senior US diplomat and lodged a strong protest with Osama bin Laden calling the allegations of US President Donald Trump unconstitutional and said that 'this is a closed chapter of history' and it has a serious impact on bilateral relations. May be needed.

Before the US decision, the IMF also shocked Pakistan. The IMF has laid down some strict conditions to provide relief package to Pakistan. Explain that this relief package is very important to bring the economy back to Pakistan. The IMF has also sought full information from Pakistan about a financial cooperation agreement with China. While both Pakistan and China are not disclosing the amount of this agreement

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